The Opena iPhone 4 Case Hides/Showcases Your Drinking Habit

Cool kids carry bottle openers on their key chain. But who has a key chain anymore? Furthermore, why do they need to drink and drive. Enter Opena, the Kickstarter funded bottle opener iPhone 4 case. Yep, jump on the bandwagon now, save $10 off the retail cost in the process and reserve your spot as a cool kid from the future.

There really isn’t any magic here. The Opena case simply has a slide-out bottle opener embedded in the backside. Put your little thumb in the round cutout, slide it down, and just like that, a stainless steel bottle opener appears under the dock connector. Of course this adds a bit of bulk to the case, so think of this as your party iPhone 4 case. You can always slap on a more work appropriate one Monday morning.

The device has 24 days to get nearly $7,500 in Kickstarter funding. A pledge of $30 will net you an Opena once, or if, production starts while $50 gets you two. The founders state that the Opena will run $40 when it hits so you may as well drop your cash down now, save some cash and help make this thing a reality.