Apple Prices Unlocked iPhone 4 At $649

As promised, Apple has started selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 4 on its U.S. online store for all you world travelers out there. Here in the states, of course, it will only work on AT&T’s 3G network. But if you venture beyond the land of the brave on a regular basis, you might as well consider snagging an unlocked model from Apple. Most other countries are already comfortable with the idea of switching out MicroSIMs according to location, so it’s only fair that we, and our iPhones, get to travel freely throughout the world, too.

Apple’s pricing may seem high — $649 (16GB) and $749 (32GB) — but unlocked iPhone 4s are going for even more from other retailers. The site is promising delivery within three business days if you go with the classic black model, and three to five days for the mystical white iPhone 4.

[via Engadget]