This USB Pot Charges Your Cell Phone By Excess Heat

Charging your phone the usual way is too boring for you? Then consider the Hatsuden-Nabe, manufactured by a Japanese company called TES NewEnergyCorporation. It’s basically a pot with a USB port, and it can turn heat that would normally be wasted into power that you can use to charge your cell phone (or other USB gadgets).

TES says that an iPhone, for example, takes 3-5 hours to be charged completely. They pitch the pot by saying that it could be used in the case of an emergency or in areas with no power.

The pot is safe to be used over open fire, too. According to the company, such flames can reach 900°F, but just 212°F are actually needed to boil water (the difference is turned into power via a thermoelectric module).

The 16cm pot went on sale in Japan yesterday and costs $280.

Via Asiajin