HTC Teases Gingerbread Update For The T-Mobile G2

Just because T-Mo may be discontinuing its first 4G-capable smartphone, the T-Mobile G2, that doesn’t mean that current G2 owners don’t deserve the latest version of Android, right? HTC seems to think so, since the G2 manufacturer sent out a newsletter yesterday notifying T-Mobile that the G2 will be receiving an OTA update with Android 2.3 and a few extra enhancements.

No word yet on when G2 owners should expect the update, but from the looks of it, the new features seem worth the wait. The update should upgrade the UI to be snappier and easier to use, along with text input, which should become faster and more intuitive. One-touch word selection and copy/paste will also make their way to the G2, along with improved battery life and better app management. Finally, the software update will include a 3G/4G vs. H signal indicator.

[via Phone Arena]

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