Logitech's Portable C615 HD Webcam Is A Strange-Looking Beast

Pretty much every webcam is going to be HD from here on out, but the ones we’ve seen have generally been a bit bulky. Logitech has decided to make their new one more portable, but in the process seem to have created something that shares DNA with one of those freaky robotic snakes.

It’s the C615, and I’m having trouble figuring out just how it works. Obviously you can put it on a tripod if you want, but I think it can contort to grip your screen as well, then spin its little head around 360 degrees to face wherever you want it. It also has a tripod mount for your tripodding pleasure.

The sensor can do 1080p, but it’ll slum it at 720p if that’s all your video chat client can handle. It’s autofocus as well, hopefully a little faster than Microsoft’s. The 8-megapixel images it takes are “software enhanced,” which seems either redundant to say (since you’re taking the picture on your computer) or ominous (smoothing, auto-leveling).

This thing will go for $80. It’s Mac and PC compatible, plain old USB style.