Starbucks Now Lets You Pay For Coffee With Your Android Phone

Maaaan, this Barista chick already thinks you’re awesome. I mean, you ordered a “skinny half-caf quad-shot light ice dopio espresso with room for cream.” With that many words in your order, how can you not be awesome?

Now, imagine if you paid for that order with your Android phone. BOOM, love butterflies would pretty much fly out of her face. Too bad you can only use your mobile to pay at Starbucks if you’ve got an iPhone or BlackBerry, right? Not anymore!

This morning, Starbucks launched the Android port of their much-lauded pay-with-your-phone app. As with the other ports, you just pop into a Starbucks to buy a gift card, punch the gift card’s details into your phone, and said gift card then lives as a QR barcode on your handset which the Barista scans when it’s time to cough up.

You can find the new Starbucks Android app on the market right here.

(Of course, they could’ve been awesomely cutting edge and nixed the whole silly gift card thing if they’d just gone with Square Register, but that’s probably not going to happen)