Dual-Screen Android LG Slider Spotted In The Wild, Possibly T-Mo-Bound

When the dual-screen Kyocera Echo first appeared, my initial reaction was, “Nice gimmicky idea, but let’s hope this double-screen thing doesn’t get trendy.” Honestly, I see no need for two screens on a phone, especially when one screen tends to do a great job draining battery life all on its own.

But apparently LG and T-Mobile don’t feel the same way, as a dual-screen QWERTY slider has made an appearance in the wild. At an event held by Orange in the UK, PocketLint discovered this mysterious LG-branded Android phone, although details are pretty limited. What we know so far, is that the second screen, tucked nicely between the split QWERTY keyboard, hosts a variety of app shortcuts, with two spaces left empty for user customization. Past that, we’re not quite sure what that second screen is capable of, but hopefully it can do more than launch apps.

It looks pretty heavy in terms of the hardware, and the screen size and resolution appear moderate. We’re also somewhat baffled by that Android 1.6 wallpaper. Perhaps this handset is actually an older model that never made it to market, rather than a newbie preparing for launch. We don’t know the much about the rear-camera, other than the fact that its LED supported.

Kineto Wireless was the company responsible for laying this bad boy out on the table, and a rep mentioned to PocketLint that the phone could be called the Flip II. Leaked T-Mobile documents indicate a few new phones headed to market, including the Flip II and the LG Maxx Q, which could also end up being the name of this mystery phone.

[via Pocket-Lint]