Rumor: Pre3 To Ship With webOS 2.2, Skype Integration in July?

Keeping your ear to the ground for news about the Palm HP Pre 3? As much as I love webOS, I can’t honestly say that the Pre 3 is one you should be holding out for — but hey, it’s your 2 year contract to wait out.

Here’s the latest stuff from the ol’ mill:

  • According to our buds over at PreCentral, the Pre3 will ship with webOS 2.2 (as opposed to webOS 2.3.1, as the device’s FCC documentation indicated)
  • Germany’s posted the screenshot above, reportedly pulled from a pre-release Pre 3. If legit, it indicates that Skype will be fully integrated into webOS’ messaging sweet beginning with the Pre3, alongside AIM, Yahoo, and Google Chat.
  • Back over at PreCentral, they’re hearing that Verizon is tentatively shooting for a July 21st launch of the Pre3. AT&T, meanwhile, is seemingly planning on a launch sometime in the next few months, though specific dates aren’t being tossed around just yet.

What do you think: will the Pre3 be webOS’ saving grace, or is it too-little-too-late once again? Though it saddens me to say it, I’d vote for the latter.