Leaked Ad Points To TiVo Apps For iPhone and Android Devices

I heart TV and, in turn, I heart TiVo. Why wouldn’t I? It’s basically a little treasure box of my favorite episodes saved for me to watch at any time I’d like. The ONLY problem I have, and I really mean only, is that whenever I discover a new show, which is usually by way of conversations with friends, I’m not at home and can’t schedule it on my TiVo. Luckily, TiVo apps for the iPhone and Android devices are in the works, so you can set a show to record even when you’re not on the couch.

We first heard of the forthcoming apps from a leaked ad in the new issue of CEPro. Here’s what the ad had to tell us:

It offers a beautiful, easy-to-use interface; complete control over management and program selection, a multi-touch remote that features gesture-based navigation, and the ability to manage and navigate Season Pass recordings, your queue and info about cast, crew, similar shows – without interrupting your TV experience. When you’re not at home, the app still lets you interact with your Premiere for basic management and recording tasks.

TiVo’s iPad app is already available in the Apple App Store as a free download, and its corresponding iPhone and Android apps should be coming soon.

[via IntoMobile]