Motorola Xoom LTE, Droid 3 Spotted On Verizon MAP System

When we happen to catch products on their way through Verizon’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) system, it usually means we’ll see those goodies on the shelf faster than you can say “Minimum Advertised Price system.” Today, that same treasure MAP turned out to be a gold mine, as Droid-Life spotted both a 4G-capable Motorola Xoom and that Motorola Droid 3 we’ve been hearing so much about.

The Droid 3, Motorola’s third-generation flagship, has already launched in China as the Milestone. According to the rumor mill, this Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered handset should see a July 7 launch. While the specs on this phone are impressive – dual-core OMAP 4430 CPU, Motorola Blur UI, 8-megapixel rear-camera, and a 4-inch qHD display – we’ve heard that this smartphone won’t support Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

The Xoom, on the other hand, should get to enjoy Verizon’s speedy LTE network pretty soon, according to Droid-Life’s leak. Apparently, Motorola accidentally sent out a 4G upgrade notifications to existing Xoom owners. If we connect the dots, that means original Xooms will get a 4G LTE update, and most likely new Xooms will ship with LTE built right in.

Unfortunately, still nothing yet on official pricing and availability.

[via Electronista]