Is This The Device Nokia Is Announcing Tomorrow?

Nokia’s all set to announce something at the CommunicAsia expo in Singapore, and all signs are saying that it’s the MeeGo-powered N9. The N9 has shape-shifted a few times in its laps around the rumor mill, having started life as a QWERTY-slider and, as shown in this leaked press shot acquired by PocketNow, eventually ending up as a lil’ slab-o-glass. No word yet on any sort of specs or details beyond what’s pictured, though it’ll also come in baby blue and black hues for anyone not down with the Salmony-pink.

What’s that, you say? You thought Nokia was done with MeeGo, and was all about Windows Phone 7 now? You’re mostly right. From what Nokia VP of Product Marketing Ilari Nurmi is saying, Nokia only has plans to release one MeeGo phone this year (presumably this one) — after that, it’s anyone’s guess.