Case-mate Goes Crazy, Announces $300 iPhone Case

Do you have an iPhone 4 and $300 bucks to burn? Are you a little bit flashy, and a little bit crazy-roll? Case-mate wants to relieve you of all that stupid extra money you’ve got laying around.

This morning, Case-mate announced a $300 case for the iPhone 4. Yep: $300.

Why so much? Because it’s made of titanium. Or you could just check out the (slightly less absurdly priced) Vapor Pro and save yourself $150 bucks.

I’m actually a pretty big fan of Case-mate’s stuff (Hell, I’m still using their ID/Credit Card case on my iPhone 8 months after our review of it), but this is dumb. The day I strap a $300 case to a $500 iPhone is the day they somehow squeeze a $300 iPhone-powered jetpack in there.

The case isn’t currently available, but its product page says it should be up for sale beginning on June 27th.