"Magi-Cam" Uses Mirrors As Camouflage To Spy On Vigilant Animals

One of the hardest things to do when filming a nature documentary is convince the animals you’re not there. Sometimes it means constructing an elaborate blind and waiting for hours, days, or even months. Sometimes you have to send a remote-controlled proxy out there, if you’re filming, say, polar bears. But these little robots are loud and difficult to effectively disguise. Who knew that making one out of mirrors was the solution?

This prism-looking thing is called the Magi-Cam, and it’s pretty much what it looks like: a remote control camera platform inside a set of two-way mirrors. Apparently this is incredibly effective, since these bears don’t seem to care about that really obvious buzzing noise. I don’t think it works in every situation, but as you can see, it sure as hell works in the forest.

I saw one where they had a camera disguised as a log, but the baby tigers they were filming came and played with it. This is probably better.

[via The Awesomer]