The Buru Navi Guides You By Simulating The Feeling Of Your Hand Being Pulled

The NTT Communication Science Laboratories in Japan has developed some kind of divining rod [JP] that can navigate users to a specific location by simulating the feeling of their hand being pulled in the direction of that location. All that users need to do is to outstretch their hand holding the device (palm side up) and let the so-called Buru Navi do its magic.

The Buru Navi houses vibrating weights that shift and point the user to the targeted location, making the users feel as if their hand is being pulled in the process.

NTT says the prototype has a GPS module and that the final goal is to make it small enough for use in cell phones, for example for games or helping the visually impaired or tourists navigate cities.

In its current form, the device weighs 260g. NTT aims at commercializing the Buru Navi system by around 2016 (according to Japanese business daily The Nikkei).