Monster Announces Washable iSport And True-To-The-Music Gratitude Headphones

Whether you’re an athlete or a musician, we’ve got two new sets of in-ear headphones coming from Monster, and if you don’t like one, chances are you’ll like the other. The iSport Immersion in-ear headphones were developed specifically for athletes who use music to keep them “in the zone,” while the Gratitude in-ear headphones were developed in collaboration with Earth, Wind, and Fire, and are more geared toward true music lovers.

What’s cool about the iSport headphones is that they are completely washable, and also sweat-proof. In both black and blue models, the iSport headphones come with the Immersion in-ear clip design that keeps the headphones in place (even if you’re jogging through the neighborhood wearing glasses and a helmet). They also feature an adjustable ear pipe located right on the headphone housing. Not all ears are made equal, and I’m sure the folks at Monster wanted to make sure that the iSport headphones could stay in place on anyone, even Spock.

The iSport headphones also feature Monster’s ControlTalk technology, which lets you control audio and video playback from the headphones themselves. ControlTalk works with the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and features a microphone and answer button for hands-free chit-chat.

Monster’s Gratitude in-ear buds are totally different. Created with the help of Earth, Wind, and Fire, the Gratitude headphones are engineered to keep the true harmonics of live music and the details of each note and instrument right on par with the real thing. And they’re easy on the eyes, too. They come in a rose-gold finish with a sharp design, and a special little case is included to keep them safe.

Just like with the iSport earbuds, Gratitude headphones also feature Monster’s ControlTalk system, meaning you can chat it up on your smartphone, or control playback on your iPad or iPod. “You hear incredible articulation and detail with these headphones. It’s impressive!” said EFW lead singer Philip Bailey. “There’s amazing separation, [and] you can really hear the difference between my voice and Maurice’s. I clearly hear details in the music that I don’t with other headphones, especially the bottom end.”

The Monster iSport Immersion in-ear headphones are slated to arrive in July for $179, while the Gratitude in-ear headphones should become available in September. Unfortunately, no word on pricing yet for Gratitude.