New Details On Google's Next Nexus: Now Known As Nexus "Prime," Built By Samsung

When we reported on the Nexus 4G, Google’s first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, we weren’t sure whether or not it would be a “pure Google” device or a handset made by one of the tech giant’s manufacturing partners. The inside source promised a “monster-sized” 720p display, a 4G radio of some kind, an an OMAP440 processor, but none of the leaked specs hinted at who would make the device.

Today, however, BGR’s source has given some new information about the handset that definitively answers our question. According to the source, that “monster-sized” screen will be a “Super AMOLED HD” display, which can only mean one thing: Samsung is getting in on the Ice Cream Sandwich party.

We had been tentatively calling the phone the Nexus 4G, but the source claims that this handset’s current codename is “Prime,” which means the phone could launch as the “Google Nexus Prime.” Whatever it’s called, we’ll be excited to get our hands on it and play around with the new OS. The source also promised a pre-Thanksgiving release for the flagship, and if true, we’ll certainly have quite a bit to be thankful for.