Write for TechCrunch Europe

TechCrunch Europe is an interesting gig. There are 27 members of the “European Union”, 48 geographical European countries and territories, and… 51 participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest (surely, the ultimate gold standard of a chaotic definition of Europe). But we love them all. Whether you are working on a startup in Romania, or with a VC in Mayfair, London, or a teenager in a Berlin bedroom in building the next Google, TechCrunch Europe is interested. But it’s impossible to cover everything going on, so we like to use this platform to give YOU a voice.

So we’d like to hear from:

People who would like to “guest” write about tech startups and venture capital in Europe. (Self-promoters proposing advertorials for their company will get automatically rejected btw). The posts will appear exclusively here on TechCrunch Europe (under “Guest Author”) and the writers will get their Crunchbase profile added to the piece at the end (please make sure you are added as a Person on Crunchbase). Unfortunately these posts are unpaid, however, you’ll get a link back to your site and Twitter handle, and the better it is the more often we can invite you to contribute, if you have time.

Pitch us the idea for a post in one paragraph, and send to me (mikebutcher AT Techcrunch.com). The subject line should start “GUEST POST PITCH” (note CAPS). Submissions need to be in English, in plain text with only hyperlinks marked up, and a link to a non-copyrighted pr creative commons illustrative picture/image].

So your post will look like this: ” Blah blah blah blah blah blah link to relevant site < /a > blah blah etc.” Submit as an attached plain text file.

The best pieces (this is up to TCEurope) will be ‘cross-posted’ onto TechCrunch.com and your Twitter handle will be tweeted out from the @TechCrunch account 1.8m followers).

We will not accept any pitches from PR companies promoting clients.

You can write case studies, something about an event, something fun. Just be prepared if we say no – it’s not personal. If you don’t get a reply to your idea for a post immediately please don’t be offended, we get a lot of email.

Thanks in advance.