Via PlayView: PS3 Gets "World's First Visual Magazine" In 4K×2K Resolution And 3D

Last year, Sony unveiled PlayView, a service for the PS3 that makes it possible to view high-resolution images on your display, for example in manuals or guides for games. And yesterday, big S announced in Tokyo that PlayView will be able to produce pictures in 4K×2K (4,096×2,160) resolution, or, in other words, four times the resolution of full HD.

The next version of PlayView, due out next month, will also support 3D in 4Kx2K resolution, which is pretty cool.

At a press conference yesterday, Sony said that their technology will be used to launch in Japan the so-called PLUP SERIES of digital “visual magazines”, which will be the first in the world to feature 4Kx2K resolution.

PS3 owners in Japan can buy the first digital magazine of that kind, iQueen, on August 9 for $26 in the PlayStation store (a print version will be released at the same time). Buyers get a boat load of pictures, some in 3D, of lovely Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa (the print version has 96 pages in A4 format).

Via AV Watch [JP]