Aussie Retailer May Shame Rivals By Offering Free HDMI Cables

The cable controversy continues, and people will continue buying $50 3-foot HDMI cables, but anyone with sense isn’t paying more than a dollar or two per foot. One Australian retailer is fed up with their fellow electronics stores’ habit of trying to sell expensive cables with new TVs and computers, and has decided they’re going to show them by just giving the cables away.

The chain, Kogan, notes that the cheapest cables will perform the same as others, and that the other stores are pretty much deliberately ripping you off with their talk about specs and so on. So, you buy a TV, you get an HDMI cable. They might expand it to PCs as well, though of course

I think our readers are pretty savvy, so they won’t get conned on something like cables, but the average window shopper or out-of-touch TV buyer might easily get upsold to a hundred dollar purchase they don’t need. It’s good to see a retailer fighting the good fight here.