Buy An HTC Flyer From Best Buy, Get The $80 Stylus For Free

The most novel part of the HTC Flyer is the Scribe Digital Pen. But HTC doesn’t bundle the pen with the Android 2.3 tablet. Why? The company clearly wants the tablet to fail. Instead, the stylus costs an additional $80.

It seems that Best Buy is ready to right HTC’s wrong by selling the two together. NetbookNews found the bundle (SKU 9999159200050028) but it’s sort of buggy right now. I can’t view the whole product page, but I am able to add it to my cart from the HTC Flyer search page. It’s listed as available online only so it might not hit the brick and mortar stores. What happened is the bundle was probably found before it was officially set, but hopefully, for the HTC Flyer’s sake, the bundle is real. [Best Buy via NetbookNews]