Laser Research Company TeraDiode Starting Humble, But Hopes To Make Ray Guns Soon

The ongoing search for cartoon-style laser guns is likely to continue for a while, given the rather poor showing by even large, ship-mounted lasers. But that shouldn’t stop researchers from looking into it and making handheld lasers, even if they’re super weak. You have to start somewhere, right? Early guns were just tiny cannons, and inaccurate past 50 feet. You were better off with bows and arrows. Same story here.

TeraDiode is a new company made up of MIT types who plan on putting together a new type of laser. Not new to the world, really, but new to weaponization. It’s a diode laser, which is different from a solid state (i.e. traditional) laser in that… well, in ways I can’t really figure out. Science!

Anyway, they’ve got a new method of combining and directing the laser that they think could lead to multi-kilowatt lasers that could be carried in your hands rather than mounted on a destroyer. The one shown in the picture above is obviously an industrial cutting laser, but it demonstrates the power they can get from the technology.

There’s a sweet video on their front page, and a brief explanation of their “defense” strategy here.

[via Xconomy and Dvice]