Touchnote appoints new CEO to drive mobile photo-to-postcard startup

Been a while since we’ve heard from Touchnote, the mobile app startup which allows you to snap a picture and send it to someone as a physical postcard. Last year they signed a deal with Sony Ericsson to get to the app pre-instaled on handsets.

Now they’ve appointed former Microsoft exec, Oded Ran, as new CEO. Oded was previously head of consumer marketing for Windows Phone in the UK. Co-founder and current CEO Raam Thakrar is stepping into a business development role.

They’ve also announced 150,000 downloads on Android. Figure are not available for the iPhone app. But Touchnote has apps for Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and HP WebOS, alongside its website.

Touchnote lets you send a physical postcard of an image to anywhere in the world for $1.49, Euro 1.49 or £1.50. Competitors to Touchnote are mostly on the iPhone such as Postcard, PostThis and a couple are on Blackberry and Android.

Backed by private investors, Touchnote’s twelve-person team is wholly based in London, with print facilities in London and New Jersey.