Wi-Fi Xoom Drops To $499

Are you still pining for a Xoom? Shame on you. But really, who am I to judge? Have I not made mistakes of my own? For instance, every time I order a shot of Fireball. No one wants to kiss that mouth. But I digress. You were looking for a Xoom, yes? I can’t interest you in the slimmer Galaxy Tab 10.1, or the upcoming 8.9? No? Not an inexpensive Acer, or even a Nook Color? No?

All right then, if you must. At least now you can get one for under five hundy. The 16GB 32GB wi-fi version (you don’t want 3G, come on) is now available for the lowish price of $499. Is it worth it? Look, that’s for you to decide, I don’t want to hurt your feelings.