comScore: Android Still Leads The Pack While RIM Continues To Slide

Well, what do you know? Android is still on top, with a 38 percent U.S. market share in May, according to comScore’s latest numbers. This should come as no surprise, as we’ve been hearing the same story for the past few months. Android leads the pack, with Apple’s iOS holding strong in its second place position, while the rest fade into the background.

With a 38 percent market share, Android is up five percentage points from its reported market share in February, while iOS grew just 1.4 percent in the same period to control 26.6 percent of the market. RIM, who has struggled more than I care to detail right now, is down 4.2 percentage points to end up with a 24.7 percent market share, effectively removing the Waterloo-based company from its number two seat.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and HP’s webOSNokia. webOS, which is curiously being licensed off to other OEMs, is down 0.4 points from last quarter.

[via comScore]