Could You Do Linus Torvalds' Job?

Linus Torvalds leads the largest software development project in the world. Thousands of people across the globe contribute to what started out as his little research project. Individuals and multi-national corporations have opinions on where Linux should go next, and it’s ultimately Linus’ job to shepherd all those (sometimes competing) interests. The Linux Foundation is running a fun little Facebook quiz “Could You Do Linus Torvalds’ Job?” It’s five simple questions, and you get 25% off the cost of LinuxCon registration just for taking it!

I took the quiz and got three out of five questions correct. “Linus Stalker. You know enough to be scary. Maybe you stalk LKML and know what Git is, but you have work to do on understanding the man behind the kernel.” I do, in fact, know what Git is — I’ve even used it! — but I haven’t read the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) in a very long time. Take the quiz and share your results in the comments to see how you compare to other CrunchGear readers! Who can get a perfect score? Who gets a big goose egg?

The “Could You Do Linus Torvalds’ Job?” Quiz will be live throughout the summer. When you arrive at LinuxCon, the badge you earn online will be waiting for you at the registration desk. Slap it on, and wear it with pride (or shame)!