Elder Scrolls: Skyrim To Get Proper PC Version

Some Skyrim developers have been answering questions in the Elder Scrolls forums, and have confirmed that Skyrim will indeed get true PC optimizations, and should be free of the kind of console holdovers that plagued Crysis 2. Not that every game doing it right needs a post here, but after playing what I could of Dungeon Siege 3, I’m really glad to see a developer making more than a token effort towards a PC version.

The devs said there would be major graphics upgrades available for PC gamers, and we’ll have a proper high-res interface, quicksaves, and other interface tweaks. Perhaps most importantly, they assured fans that mod support was high priority; after all, part of the reason Oblivion and Morrowind have enjoyed such long-lasting popularity is the wealth of improvements, maps, items, and other mod fodder.

Compare to Dungeon Siege 3, where they couldn’t be bothered to even add keyboard config and mouse support appeared to be an afterthought. Looks like the PC will be home to the “definitive” version of Skyrim, which is, of course, as it should be.