JailBreakMe.Com Will Jailbreak iPads 2 And Other iOS Devices

Through the mists of time, the elders tell of a website that could jailbreak and iPhone in seconds, allowing users to free their devices from the shackles of Apple’s all-seeing eye. They spoke of a great war between Apple and the warriors of justice and how the warriors, for a time, were vanquished. And the elders told that this website would return, gloriously, bringing peace to iOSia once again.

The elders were right. The site has returned. This site will jailbreak devices running up to 4.3.3.

Point your iOS device right here and watch as your iPad, iPad 2, or iPhone begins to download and install Cydia. You can then quickly and easily install homebrew warez and, if you’re not careful, open up your iPad to potential mischief. Per usual, please back up before you try this and be prepared to restore from iTunes if everything goes pear shaped.