Apple Patents Surface Describing Conductive Chargeable Stylus

Two Apple patents have just surfaced in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, both of which describe methods for stylus input on a capacitive touchscreen, as well as other surfaces. Now, Apple hearts patenting things, whether the company actually has plans to act on them or not. Many of them end up untouched, and even forgotten, so there’s no telling if we’ll ever see a super cool Apple stylus, but here’s to hoping.

The applications were filed back in January of last year. One describes a stylus that can write on any surface, and then transmit the writing or drawing back to an electronic device like an iPad, or iPhone, we suspect. The other patent relates to a stylus that could potentially have a heated conductive tip, allowing the stylus to charge while snuggled up with the touchscreen device in a storage slot.

[via CNET]