LG Struggles Through First Half Of 2011, Cuts Smartphone Sales Target By 20%

LG has thrown in the towel, as it were, on its original goal to sell 30 million smartphones in 2011. After having delayed the worldwide launch of it’s beastly Optimus 3D smartphone, and losing its smartphone boss to Apple’s South Korean unit, LG hasn’t exactly been thriving. The new goal for 2011 is 24 million smartphone units sold, and overall handset shipments falling between the 114 to 150 million marks.

Thus far, LG has sold a little over 10 million smartphones this year, compared to the roughly 19 million Samsung shipped in the second quarter alone. The South-Korea based manufacturer has had trouble competing in an ever-evolving mobile landscape, posting losses for the last five quarters. But LG’s handset boss Park Jong-Seok still has hope: “Our overall performance is gradually improving […] but it’s difficult to give a precise prediction when our business will turn around due to a fast changing external market environment.”

[via Engadget]