Size Does Matter: Android Mini-Tablet Projects Display Up To 100" In Size

There are pros and cons to everything in this life, technology included. The more power you have packed into a device, the clunkier it usually is. If it’s cheap, it’s probably buggy. With mini-tablets, portability costs you screen size, which means a group experience is out of the question. Having 10 people huddled around a five-inch tablet to watch a YouTube video is hardly ideal. NionCom, in an effort to circumvent that issue, has a mini-tablet in the works that can project the tablet’s display up on to a wall, enlarged to 100-inches.

Basically, NionCom’s MemoryKick Vision tablet comes equipped with a PicoP projector, so users can share documents, web sites, videos (pretty much anything that the tablet displays) by projecting it in large format on a wall or a projection screen. Specs also include a 4.3-inch capacitive display, and a 2.5-inch hard drive that offers 500GB or 1TB of storage. The MemoryKick Vision tablet runs Android 2.2 Froyo and has full access to the Android Market, so users will be able to download all their favorite Android apps. NionCom also included a 5-megapixel camera, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI in and out, a USB port and support for an SD card.

The MemoryKick Vision tablet should launch by the end of the year, and while pricing has yet to be announced, we expect to see this thing go for less than $500.

The folks over at PicoPros threw together a video of the tablet in action, projecting the display in 45 inches. It is important to note, as PicoPros does in the video, that the device in the video is actually a design reference piece of hardware, which features a smaller screen than the MemoryKick Vision. Memory, screen-size, and OS version are the only differences between the two, so this video is still a great reference point for anyone interested in this forthcoming Pico projector-equipped Android tablet from NionCom.

[via PicoPros]