AutoUncle raises Angel funding for used-car search engine

AutoUncle, a startup which is trying to disrupt the used car market initially in Denmark, has raised 1.3 million DKK (€175,000) from Hampus Jakobsson, a Swedish entrepreneur/angel who just sold TAT to RIM. The founders are brothers Johan Frederik Schjødt and Niels Kristian who have built a site which is not unlike a Skyscanner for used cars.

It collects data about the used car market to extract insight, then visualizes the information to allow people to make decisions – although the crammed, messy design could probably do with a make-over.

Once you click on a car it goes to the original site where the sale is made. They claim you don’t have to be a used car expert to find a good deal as site’s algorithm is supposed to find the best deals based. The business model is that private and professional users will pay for premium services and support tools.

The investment will be used to develop web/mobile apps and international expansion. The site is currently available in English, Danish and German. Right now, although it offers an English version, the default is Danish, as is much of the interface. It really ought to be default English if it’s going to be international.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, Autouncle was one of the Startupbootcamp teams from Copenhagen 2010.