It's Plick: Somebody Call Mattel And Get This Guy An Interview (Video)

What is it you ask? Plick (as in Programmable by clicking your fingers) is a set of connectable, interactive components that can be attached to ordinary objects and transform them into interactive gadgets. The components include an engine, distance sensor, LED lamp, battery pack and microphone. Just as the name suggests, you can program or activate the individual component’s behaviors by clicking your fingers in certain patterns or by using by the included distance sensor. However, the core of the concept revolves around the conductive rubber bands that connect the components together and allow you to “Plick-i-tize” (you like that…I just made it up) any small household object. For example, the block above becomes a car. Neat!

According to the literature at creator Gabriel Paciornik’s informational website, the rubber bands are the key feature and were also the most challenging design obstacle to overcome in developing this project.

And what a project it was. In fact, Plick was the culmination of Gabriel’s final assignment as an Industrial Design student in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (in partnership with the miLab of the IDC Hertzlia). So if you were counting on ordering this bad boy for your desk or for your “40-Year-Old-Virgin” style toy lab/basement, you’ll either have to contact Gabriel directly, or help him get hired at a reputable toy maker soon.

Oh, and I hope he got an A++++++