OMG/JK: Lion’s Inverted Roar

No, the heat isn’t playing tricks on you: it’s time for another new episode of OMG/JK!

In this episode we take a look at Mac OS X Lion, the latest release of Apple’s operating system that introduces some key new features: Mission Control, Launchpad, and inverted scrolling. Tune in to hear how often MG attempts to touch the screen of his Macbook because he’s so used to the iPad. Yup.

Next, we turn to Spotify, the all-you-can-eat music streaming startup that finally launched in the United States after scoring record deals with the major US labels (there had been rumors about an impending US launch for well over a year). Was it worth the wait?

We also revisit Google+, Google’s promising social network that keeps making headlines (both good and bad).

Here are some recent stories relevant to this week’s topics:

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