Hello! I’m Chris Velazco, and I’m TechCrunch’s New Mobile Writer

Man, this place looks different.

Before I get too lost poking around the new digs, I’d like to introduce myself — my name is Chris Velazco, and I’m joining the TechCrunch staff as your new mobile writer. Longtime readers may remember me as a hapless MobileCrunch intern from the days of yore, a position I only really landed because Greg happened to see me on television right after he read my application. Alas, though I learned tons and met some truly great people, I had scholastic obligations to deal with and stepped away last year.

I like to think my time away from the Crunch family was well spent: I picked up a few degrees in English and Marketing from Rutgers University, embarassed myself on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and popped up in a second Best Buy commercial. After all that, I was a bit … puzzled about what my next step would be, but when Greg offered me the chance to come back home I jumped at it. I have to say I’m truly very glad to be here doing what I love, and I’m looking forward to writing for (and learning from) all of you.

Feel free to drop me a line! I’m always available at christopherv [at] techcrunch [dot] com, and as @rocketlad on Twitter.