There’s a Lady Who Knows That There’s A Griffin Guitar StompBox For Your iPad

This $99, for switch stomp box by Griffin turns your iPad into a shredding machine. It connects to Frontier Design’s iShred LIVE app and allows you to add multiple sounds to your git-fiddle or keyboard.

The kit includes a special cable for simultaneous guitar, PA, or amp connectivity along with a cable that jacks right into your iPad. We would not recommend slamming your guitar straight trough the iPad’s glass, but we’re assured it has been tried already and looks totally badass.

Also, for some reason, it also works with teleprompters:

StompBox is not just for musicians. Its programmable controls also work with Qscript, Griffin’s teleprompter app for iPad. Using StompBox with Qscript you can control text scrolling and other presentation functions with one foot.

Product Page via Engadget