Tap2print secures funds for printing platform aimed at photo app developers

KiMA Ventures has made a small $150,000 investment in Tap2print, a global ‘In-App Printing Service’ for mobile applications that makes print product ordering possible from any mobile app worldwide. Clearly there are a lot of photos out there unprinted.

The idea is that developers download Tap2print’s ‘In-App Printing Service’ SDK and hit its developers portal. This allows access to integration, testing and income status tracking. Thus, developers get to concentrate on making their app a success while Tap2print takes care of all the technical, logistical and service aspects of a worldwide print and delivery service. A “significant share of the revenue” is generated by every order.

Tap2print’s technology enables easy connection of any mobile application to a global printing service. Tap2print is targeting the vast amount of photo and image applications and invites developers to connect and monetize their apps while offering their users a unique service for ordering the images they create and have them printed on a range of attractive products.

Tap2print’s CEO Assaf Margalit says “We want to bring application developers a true way to monetize their apps while making as many people as possible ordering print from their mobile devices, and together with KiMA Ventures we’ll be able to take some major steps in that direction”.

Tap2print plans to make many print products available. It includes photos, photo albums, accordions, puzzles, posters, canvases, mugs, t-shirts and more.