Startup seeks funding to make ticketing a subscription service

Startup business Ticket Tailor has launched in the UK from its Shoreditch HQ, waving two fingers at the more established event ticket intermediaries who they claim are overpriced and run an out-dated business model. The company is currently seeking funding.

What’s the beef? Founder Jonny White says it’s time for everyone to stop paying a fee per ticket bought, which is the standard pattern for all of the major ticketing companies at the moment. “This is the standard model amongst the main ticketing companies including TicketMaster, EventBrite, TicketLeap, and Amiando,” he says. “We charge a monthly subscription which ranges from free to £75 a month, similar to other SaaS business applications, Our system is free until someone sells their first ticket.” He believes his system has saved customers over £20,000 since its January launch.

The other issue the service claims to fix is the clunkiness of buying a ticket. When you want to buy a ticket from the larger agencies you’re taken away from the event’s site. “All communication comes heavily branded,” he explains. “Our system can be seamlessly integrated. The front-end integrates with websites and customer emails are non-branded and customizable.” He points to SoundCrashMusic where the ticket page looks and feels the same as the rest of the site, giving the customer a more consistent experience.

The business has sold 20,000 tickets so far. Clients include Cardiff event promoter SWB, Singapore based “A Design Film Festival” and “Fieldview Festival” in the UK. This pattern of buying has earned plaudits from Which?, the consumer association.