Hubflow plans to disrupt company training for remote workers via mobile [Springboard]

Big old creaking training companies like Outstart typically deliver programmes into corporates typically deliver “Learning Management Software (LMS)” via actual boxes and desktop application. This is a market ripe for disruption via the web and mobile.

Hubflow delivers training courses straight to mobile devices in a snackable form so remote workers can learn on the go.

It already has clients like TKMaxx and traction through direct sales efforts and licensed resellers, and is being evaluated by companies including GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG, Volvo, BT, Homebase/Argos and LloydsTSB. It has 4 licensed resellers and 5 paying clients. The business is cashflow positive and is in the process of employing its first staff members but plans to raise cash to go faster and take over the space.

The apps are in iOS and Balckberry and Android right now but will also hit Windows Phone. Content partners include Video Arts who also push the platform to their clients for delivery. All they do is create the training material, upload it into a management dashboard and then send it to clients via ap to mobiles. The content is typically video and audio, all offline acessible.

People normally dread the email that says they must sit in front of a computer for 90 mins to learn some new technique so sending to mobiles in a “snackable” form makes sense.