TechCrunch Europe Summer #CrunchUp – The Evidence

It was a simple plan. We checked the weather. It looked good. We found a huge venue, with all the facilities. We told you to come. And you did. At least 300 tech people swamped London’s Southbank yesterday for our long overdue Summer #CrunchUp, and the festivities went on late into the night.

For an event with not much organisation – and not even name tags – it seems like everyone managed to have a lot of fun and find eachother. Random tourists may well have been bemused by the conversations about startups, venture capital, Google+ and APIs as they walked past.

I’d like to formally thank the generous people who bought everyone wine, beer and jugs of ice-cold Pimms!

•, Founder of Cambridge Healthcare
• thanks to @waynegibbins
• @peoplebrowsr “social analytics with 1,000 days of tweets”
•, “your pocket wine memory”

Here are some photos from the event, thanks to Paul Clarke and, er, me: