The CKIE Duet Has 8GB Of Storage Built-In

As a supporter of the vibratory arts, I find the CKIE Duet to be a fairly unique self-pleasuring device. To be clear, it’s not available for sale yet and instead is being sold using a sort of Kickstarter-esque donation system. $75 gets you a “quiet, USB rechargeable, waterproof, multi-speed vibe” while $125 scores you – and I’m not making this up – a model with 8GB onboard storage.

That’s right: the CKIE (pronounced “Seeky”) is a dual-armed, compact vibratory accouterment designed for the lady who, while performing a bit of the old Rascal Flatts, may need immediate access to 8GB of non-volatile flash storage.

What can you place on your Duet? How about TPS reports, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets? Or what about your burgeoning novel or client documents! All I know is that you definitely won’t hand your memory off to anyone at work and forget about it.

The Duet is made by Crave, a small San Francisco company led by Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac. The Duet will sell for $139 retail while the 8GB model will sell for $189. A $150 model includes 8GB and 24-karat gold highlights. There’s a 16GB model but I’m not even going to go there.

It is apparently waterproof and made of “body-safe” silicone and – this is important – it’s “virtually silent.” It includes a leather pouch for storage and lasts for four hours on one charge.

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