Xbox Head Robbie Bach Snapped Up By Sonos

Robbie Bach, 22 year veteran of Microsoft and most recently the company’s Xbox division, has moved to Sonos. Sonos head John MacFarlane pulled Bach out of semi-retirement in order to help with their retail presence.

Sonos makes audio sharing devices for the home, creating seamless soundscapes in multiple rooms using hardware that, for the most part, surpasses a standard set of bookshelf speakers. Bach was a big fan of the devices early on and plans to help the company expand their overall presence on the market.

The company has gone for years without retail stores, an amazing feat for a homegrown, fairly small organization that has never gone public. The ease of use and styling, however, make the product ripe for sales in big box stores and, potentially, dedicated storefronts a la Bose.

Bach will be part of the company’s board.

Image via Wikipedia