TheStyleCure Provides A Simple Social Shopping List

Former MySpace VP Ryan Sit is trying to recreate the types of social interactions people engage in while shopping at the mall with friends. Of course, shopping online is a different matter, but with Facebook becoming more of an e-commerce destination, social shopping could take off. Sit has launched his own shopping mall of sorts, called the TheStyleCure.

The startup lists over 1 million products from 300 stores, and 7,000 brands online via ShopStyle’s API. You can search for brands, clothes, shoes, accessories and more, and you can like any product, which will be shared via Facebook Connect. You can also see a profile of all the clothes you like and a stream of all of your friend’s likes as well.

The site is extremely simple (Sit built TheStyleCure in less 30 days) but it does add a social shopping list which not like all os your favorite clothes and accessories in one place (as opposed to scattered across the web). You can also click through the products to buy them.

While TheStyleCure could use a few more bells and whistles and needs to continue to add additional stock, it does provide a centralized platform to share your favorite clothes with your friends. If Sit can scale, it could be a great way to combine social with your wishlists. That is, until Facebook creates its own mall.