Logitech’s G300 Gaming Mouse Ditches The Thumb Buttons For Lefty’s Sake

When it comes to gaming, the better the mouse, the better the gamer. Logitech today announced its next-gen G-series gaming mouse, the G300, and if this thing doesn’t give you a competitive edge, you need to spend more time practicing. With nine customizable controls, you may not have to use the keyboard at all, meaning all the control you could want rests nicely under the palm of your hand.

Because it’s ambidextrous, this is Logitech’s first mouse without thumb controls. Both rightys and leftys can play with the same level of control. The G300 mouse lets you customize up to three different player profiles, too. So let’s say you play Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 interchangeably. You can set the color of the mouse to red for one control customization, and green for another, so that you don’t start using Modern Warfare controls when you’re playing Bad Company. There are seven different color options.

The G300 touts a 2500-DPI optical sensor that tracks both slow and fast movements, and the mouse works well on a number of surfaces. I got to play around with the G300 a bit and felt that it truly is pretty comfortable in either hand. Plus, it comes with optional drag-and-drop software that not only lets you set up your G300 mouse, but lets you connect to other Logitech products like the G-series keyboards and headsets. From there you can set up macros to be shared across all the devices.

In terms of pricing and availability, the G300 will go for an MSRP of $39.99, and will be available across the U.S. and Europe in September.