Facebook Asks People To Post Questions About Interning At Facebook, On Quora

Yes yes I know Facebook Questions pivoted into some kind of “poll your friends” thing back in March but still this is sort of funny, simply because it’s the most symbolic concession of the Q&A space I’ve seen from Facebook yet. Hey, people interested in interning at Facebook, ask a question about it, ON QUORA.

Granted Quora is a more appropriate place to discuss a nerd topic like this and Facebook Questions (once posited as “the next killer app of Facebook”) no longer has the “ask a question to all” functionality, but still, people could have just left their questions in the comments. In the meantime, when was the last time you made or voted on a Facebook Question Facebook Poll?

According to Facebook, the last time one of my friends answered a Facebook Question Poll it was  “Would you rather be JFK or Bobby Kennedy? Why?” on July 13th. For the record he went with Bobby.