LaCie Adds Some Polish To Its NAS Units With “NAS OS”

Backing up data is getting more and more important, since although much of our critical stuff is in the cloud, we’re all generating so many pictures, videos, documents and so on that it’s wise to keep a local copy. Many people use external drives to back up, which is fine, but if you want any automated stuff, or server capabilities, you have to update to a network-attached storage system, and they aren’t all that user friendly.

LaCie has updated their devices with a pretty new operating system they call NAS OS, which they hope will make backup and serving easier. Let’s just take a quick look.

Here’s your little home screen. A bit cluttered, I’d say, could use a few larger buckets for easier operation by non-enthusiasts. But there’s plenty of at-a-glance info there:

Capacity, share and service management:

The main changes aren’t super major, but worth having. Better RAID support, works on Lion, scheduled up/down time, centralized multi-device backup management, and of course the shiny new interface. Unfortunately only three devices are eligible to upgrade right now, the Network 2 series d2, 2big, and 5big.

More information over at LaCie.