Tactical Messenger Bag Takes Preparedness To The Next Level

I’ll be the first to admit that I usually rock a man-bag on a daily basis, but rarely have I ever considered using something as hardcore as the ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag. While my usual load-out consists of the AOL-issued work laptop and a camera, the TDM bag packs compartments for use that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

In addition to the traditional 15″ laptop compartment, for example, the bag lives up to its tactical namesake by including magazine pockets that can store up to 4 AK magazines. Expecting a hairy day? Be sure to load up the medical insert with your gauze, compression bandages, and intubation kit (you do have an intubation kit, right?).

The TDM’s Cordura body also means it’ll look no worse for wear as you fight your way onto the 8:15 train everyday. Don’t worry about having enough space for your daily documents or week’s worth of rations: the TDM’s main pocket measures 5.5″ deep, so corporate drones and survivalists alike can go for broke.

It is quite the looker too: available in black, coyote, and foliage, the TDM will fit just as well in civilian life as it does while under deep cover in Bolivia. This level of preparedness will cost you though: interested parties can pick one up from ITS for $350.

[via Gear Patrol]