Motorola Xoom LTE “Pilot” Program Underway

Quite a while ago, Verizon promised that its Motorola Xoom tablet would get an update allowing the slate to run on the carrier’s 4G LTE network by the Spring. If you’re somehow surviving under a rock and don’t know what that means, it’s a big deal. The increase in speed adds incalculable value to the tablet since, ya’ know, time is money. The only thing is that Spring came and went, and then Summer did the same. Still no update.

But alas, a letter has been sent out to… business and government Xoom owners? Um. Ok. So apparently employees of the government and other business types will be “piloting” the LTE Xoom before everyone else, according to Droid-Life. Definitely odd, but we don’t really care as long as the update is coming for real this time. Our pilot testers will get the update next week, so we common folk will have a bit longer to go.

You’ll know it’s time when you get an email from Motorola with instructions on how to get the ball rolling. Motorola suggests a quick back-up before getting started as this is a pretty major update and could wipe the device. Motorola also says to be prepared to go without the Xoom for at least three days after you ship it in for the upgrade.

Here’s a copy of the letter from Motorola: