Webs.com Adds Mobile Site Syncing To Its DIY Site Builder

Webs.com, a popular DIY website creation service, is announcing a new mobile site builder today that automatically keeps a smartphone-friendly website in sync with your main website. Previously, mobile application creation was an option only available in the company’s App Store, which provides additional enhancements for site owners. But as of now, this product has been fully integrated into the Webs.com Site Builder.

As with Webs.com’s full website building service, the idea behind the mobile site option is to keep things as simple as possible for small business owners and others who want to design professional sites easily, without having to code the sites themselves.

The mobile feature will include a variety of themes, colors and images, the option to password-protect pages, optional mobile apps like a calendar, FAQ, testimonials and members app, and additional editing features including the ability to adjust the size of the main logo or remove the header title.

The mobile sites are also now compatible with more versions of Samsung, LG, Symbian, Nokia, Playstation and Nintendo DS devices, in addition to iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

For current Webs.com site owners with custom domains, mobile sites will be available at m.yourcompany.com.

If this type of service sounds familiar, it’s because Webs.com partner, DudaMobile, which provides the backend functionality for this new feature, recently launched its own self-serve platform that does much of the same thing. Several of DudaMobile’s partners are now integrating similar options into their website building tools as well, including Yahoo and Logoworks by HP.