Zeebo Raises $17 Million For Interactive Entertainment, Education Platform

Zeebo, a company with the ambitious goal of “helping the next billion play, learn and connect”, has raised $17 million in equity funding according to an SEC filing.

When the company was founded, the company’s stated intention was to create an cheap game console with affordable games and educational content delivered via wireless digital distribution (to circumvent piracy). The Zeebo was targeted at developing markets such as BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and Mexico.

However, Zeebo appears to have recently laid those plans to rest, shut down its websites / operations in Brazil and Mexico, and is now working on an “interactive entertainment and education platform” set to make its debut in 2012.

Zeebo was co-founded by president and CEO Mike Yuen and Reinaldo Normand. Yuen came to Zeebo from Qualcomm where he was senior director of games and services.

Philip White (CFO and SVP of Business Operations) also hails from Qualcomm, where he served a variety of senior executive roles.

Notably, Qualcomm’s venture arm is a major investor in Zeebo.