Epson Brings Its iPrint App To Android

Though the digital world seems to be swallowing print alive, there are still some documents that you just want to hold in your hand. But with the speed and ease at which we share information these days, it’s hard for printing to keep up as far as convenience goes. Epson’s tried to find a way to make printing as quick and painless as possible with its iPrint app, which has today extended to the Android platform.

iPrint lets you automatically print to any wireless all-in-one Epson printer, whether it be photos, documents, or web pages. It also works in reverse: You can scan and save to your device from the printer, or send documents in an email. Plus, the app supports, Dropbox, and Evernote.

Epson’s iPrint brings most of the functionality of the phone right into the app. For example, Epson put a built-in browser into iPrint so that you don’t have to switch back and forth from your phone browser to the app when you want to print a web page. However, that will only be a time-saver if you use iPrint as your default browser (read: probably not going to happen). Still, it’s a smart move if you know the page you want to print, and will certainly make things easier.

The app lets you do just about anything you could do if you were standing in front of your printer: check status and ink levels, choose paper size and type, configure the number of copies and page range, etc. Plus, there are a handful of advanced features if your printing job happens to be a bit more complicated usual. Users can choose and print multiple photos from their device, choose to print with or without borders, switch between color and black and white, and you can even buy ink or other printing supplies straight from the app.

The app is available now as a free download from both the Android Market and the Apple App Store.